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By OzBoxLive, June 14, 2010 E3

With E3 just around the corner, DYoshii sends out his wishlist for games he’d like to see made by Capcom for the Xbox360 or XBLA. Expect some common franchises as well as some rather old franchises that could really use a restoration, as well as some plain bad ideas thrown in for kicks. Never said his taste was any good…

By OzBoxLive, June 13, 2010 E3, Events

Rockstar… not showing up to an E3?! QableKavalry examines the implications of such news and how that’s impacted on his sheduling of sandbox-game purchases…

By Mark Libman, June 13, 2010 Uncategorized

From the reasonable to the hopeful, and even to the realms of complete wishful thinking, CardShark 360 details the Top 10 announcements he’d love to see made at this year’s E3 conference.

By OzBoxLive, June 11, 2010 News

The VP of Digital Business for SEGA America and Europe has announced it plans to release the Dreamcast franchise games on the XBLA service, launching their first title this coming Spring. Two of the games will be on display at E3 next week. See which games after the jump.

By David Lynch, June 10, 2010 News, Press Release

Breaking news from Xbox Australia HQ – Foxtel is showing the Microsoft E3 press conference live on their FOX8 channel on Tuesday 14th June!! Plus the highly-publicised yet closely-held Cirque de Soleil-Project Natal performance to be shown exclusively on Foxtel a week and a half later!!

Details after the jump…