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By Brian Farnhill, July 7, 2013 ,

Borderlands 2 is one of the great FPS games on the 360, and this new DLC makes it even better, read why Brian Farnhill found it so amazing!

By Anthony Cutri, May 4, 2013 Features, Opinion

OzBoxLive Opinion | Anthony expresses his opinion of the progression of games, how he believes they came to be like this and a possibility for companies and consumers on how to make a change.

By Brian Farnhill, April 9, 2013 ,

OzBoxLive Review | Bioshock: Infinite – This is one of the most impressive games of the year, come over and read why Brian agrees with this!

By Brian Farnhill, February 17, 2013 ,

OzBoxLive Review | Battlefied 3 is the latest in the Battlefield franchise and has a lot of competition around in the first person shooter genre. Brian picks up another great from his collection to review and let us know what this game delivers on.

By Mark ten Buuren, October 12, 2011 ,

OzBoxLive | Review – It’s the year 2135, 106 years after your Ark was put into action and things start to go wrong. You are the only one who survived, thrown head first into the deep end you must do your part to survive and help others who are trying to live in the harsh wasteland.