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By Elliott Campbell, March 2, 2011 ,

Bond films are a classic piece of cinema, but how do the video games based on those movies fare over time? Elt0r dives back into Quantum Of Solace to see how it holds up. Read more after the jump…

By David Lynch, April 30, 2010 ,

OzBoxLive | Review – Linkwick takes a look at and old classic that has been remastered in HD, added new features, more support and has that same amount of fun. Check out what he has to say about his time with Joanna Dark in Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade.

By Mathew Farrugia, March 21, 2010 ,

“My name is Antyom… I was born In Moscow…. me 40 thousand others feared the future… will we live to see another day? Will our rations dry up … Will Metro 2033 come out before I pass away?”

By Guest Author, March 14, 2010 ,

Dimorphic takes a look at one of the years biggest (and loudest) Shooters in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Check out his thoughts about the sequel to the franchise.