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By Dylan Lupien, February 16, 2011 ,

A sequel, an epic adventure, and one of the strangest game name acronyms. So what’s Ninety Nine Nights II all about? Liddle D Loopy dives in head-first to find out. Read more after the jump…

By Mathew Farrugia, October 29, 2010 Features, Games

The one and only Frank West is back in an upcoming DLC for Dead Rising 2. He is here to not only assist Chuck Greene but to put a stop to this whole zombie outbreak at the source once and for all. What does Dabura911 think about this DLC? is he even interested in the return of Frank west? find out here…

By OzBoxLive, July 3, 2010 Events, Features

Computer Games Boot Camp 2010 is right around the corner. Find out more about this event as gamefreak431 gives a crash course history lesson to bring you up to speed and ready for CGBC 2010.