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By OzBoxLive, October 21, 2012 Podcast, Season 6

OzBoxLive | Podcast – Join Australian Microsoft Xbox MVP’s Mark & David as we discuss the Electronics Entertainment Expo in this third special about The Microsoft Xbox 360 Keynote Presentation at E3 2012.

By OzBoxLive, August 20, 2011 ,

Looks like the latest issue of The Official Australian Xbox Magazine got the attention of the official Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog. They have scanned in the article written by OzBoxLive’s Mark Libman about being an Xbox MVP and what it means to be one.

By Elliott Campbell, June 16, 2011 E3, Events

Elt0r takes a quick look at what Microsoft had to offer at its E3 press Conference. What tricks did they have up their sleeves? Besides old and new gaming friends coming to light, the Kinect accessory played a big part.
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By Dylan Lupien, February 16, 2011 ,

A sequel, an epic adventure, and one of the strangest game name acronyms. So what’s Ninety Nine Nights II all about? Liddle D Loopy dives in head-first to find out. Read more after the jump…

By Mathew Farrugia, February 14, 2011 Features, Opinion

Dabura911 has been wondering if Kinect deserves all the attention it’s been getting, he has been thinking about it for quite a while now and has finally come to a conclusion. What does he think about this new piece of gaming technology? does he think it is next-gen material? or would he rather use the controller? find out here…