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By Mark Libman, June 4, 2013 E3, Events

In exactly one week from now Microsoft will start their keynote presentation focusing on the future of the next generation in gaming entertainment with the Xbox One.

By Brian Farnhill, June 1, 2013 Features, News

Want to get all the latest about the games coming to the Xbox One? Then you need to see the media briefing at E3, here are the times!

By Brian Farnhill, May 30, 2013 Features, News

Since the Xbox One announcement there have been very few people who have been able to actually see the console – now while this isn’t going to let you do that, this is the next best thing. Microsoft have uploaded a full 3D model of the new console that you can grab, spin, twist and explore to your hearts content!

By Brian Farnhill, May 28, 2013 Features, Opinion

OzBoxLive: Opinion | What is the cloud and why should gamers care? In this article Brian Farnhill explains what exactly the ‘cloud’ is, and what it means for gamers

By OzBoxLive, May 24, 2013 Features, Opinion

This week the Aussie Gaming Independent Network (A.G.I.N.) presents its first podcast and we kick off with a bang! This week, we talk about the Microsoft Xbox One console reveal. Our thoughts, our opinions and more are shared in today’s show. We’re joined by reps from our member sites including All Age Gaming, Daily Joystick Podcast, Aussie Game Geek, The Geek Next Door and OzBoxLive in a massive Australian video game web site round table discussion.