COD:Black Ops Zombies Leaked?

We all have known that Activision was going to be bring zombies back in there latest installment of the call of duty franchise but had it been leaked just a week and a half away from the launch?

Leaked footage of Call of Duty: Black Ops seems to show the solution for the post-game zombie mode questions that have been asked for the duration of the pre-release advertising and in a fantastic way to. This time around, the zombies didn’t just piss off a few soldier they pissed off American presidents…oh and a dictator, you can take on the role of John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Robert McNamara or Fidel Castro as they fight to hold off the undead from invading the Pentagon.

Hmmm I think I just wet myself

I cannot wait to be sitting in my room on a dark stormy night playing zombies and fighting them off as J.F.K or Castro it will be a sure fire hit for any Nazi zombie loving gamer and the president just add that cherry to the rest of the 3ft high sundae ice cream instead of being a nameless soldier.

Rattatat gotta love the sound of zombies dying……again

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